If you’ve been involved in an automobile-bicycle collision you need representation from an attorney with an acute understanding of cycling.   Understanding negligence law and traffic codes isn’t enough – if you’ve been hit by a car while riding your bike, you need an attorney who understands the value of your bike, the value of your time cycling, and the losses that you’ve suffered since your accident.

I am that attorney.  I’ve raced and ridden road, cyclocross and mountain bikes all over the country for more than a decade.  Before law school I worked as a Mavic Certified bike mechanic in Rochester and Albany New York.   I’ve organized events and promoted race series and recreational rides.  I’ve been team director for successful road and cyclocross teams, and I write regularly on the topic of bicycles and the law for newspapers and magazines throughout New York State.  Few other attorneys understand the  important role bikes play in a dedicated cyclist’s life.

This experience all adds up.  I’ve heard defense attorneys in bicycle collision cases call bikes “inherently unstable.”  I know better.  I’ve heard police officers suggest that cyclists shouldn’t be in the road.  I know the law, and I know they’re wrong.  I’ve heard insurance adjusters scoff at the replacement costs of high end bicycles.  I know not only what the value of your bike is, but why it cost so much.  I have a track record of making sure you get what you deserve from the motorist who hit you.

If you’ve been hit by a car, you need a lawyer.  If you’ve been injured, it is critical that you have someone representing you who can make sure you are compensated fairly for your loss – not just physical pain, but the emotional loss of cycling as a passion that happens to so many collision victims.

If you were not injured in the crash, count yourself among the lucky, but then call me anyway.  Bicycles are not designed to sustain heavy impacts.  Even if you survived a collision with a car, in all likeliness your bike hasn’t.  What is stunning, is that if you haven’t been hurt, drivers and insurance companies alike will scoff at bicycle repair and replacement bills.  This can prevent or seriously undercut the payment you receive for replacing your broken equipment.  As an attorney who understands the finer points of bike gear, and the costs associated with it, I can make sure you receive full replacement value for your damaged or totaled bike.

If you ride a bike, and have been hit by a car, call me today.  We can talk about what to do and how to make sure you get what you deserve.