Mr. Schillinger handles real estate matters of all kinds, ranging from closings on residential and commercial properties, to tax assessment challenges and Landlord-Tenant disputes.

When buying or selling a property it is critical to have vigorous and effective legal representation during the negotiation of the contract for the sale of the property.  Without a close adherence to the terms of the contract, the deal you strike can fall through for little reason other than sloppy reading of the fine print.  Mr. Schillinger takes real estate matters seriously.  While other attorneys sometimes see a closing as an opportunity for little more than a quick buck, Eric looks at a closing as a key point in his clients lives, as they take on ownership of new property.  He focuses on making sure his clients receive the best possible deals under the contract and rigorously enforces his clients rights after the signing of a contract for sale.

Once you purchase a property, real estate taxes can become a major issue.  Mr. Schillinger works closely with a tax assessor in challenging tax assessment proceedings and can almost always reduce his clients tax burden through a properly litigated tax certiorari proceeding.  If you have questions regarsding tax law contact Mr. Schillinger at (518) 477-5408.