A traffic ticket can ruin your day, don't let it ruin your driving record.

Receiving a traffic ticket is one of life’s major hassles.

Costly fines and state surcharges ensue even after some of the most minor violations on the road.

The fines are just the first part of the hassle. Appearing in traffic court can eat up your day; you can be forced to miss work, losing precious personal or sick time. In worst case scenarios, you can even be docked pay or fired for missing work. All simply to take care of a traffic ticket.

Even after paying the fine, the hassle can continue. The cost of car insurance increases substantially when you have a speeding ticket or other moving violation on your record. In some cases, car insurance companies will drop you from their coverage completely if you receive a ticket. These increased costs will be paid out for years following the ticket, making a ticket’s cost far more than the fine you pay up front.

If you receive three speeding tickets in an 18 month period, or more than 12 points on your license, it will be revoked. It is critical that you not accumulate points and speeding violations, not only to keep the cost of insuring your car low, but also to ensure you will always be able to drive. Even if this is your first ticket, there is no reason to risk getting points or a speeding conviction, as you never can predict what will happen down the road.

Hiring an attorney to represent you in traffic court is the only reliable way to minimize the risk of losing your license and paying both high fines and big insurance premiums. In most instances, an attorney can handle the case without your having to appear in court, thus saving the hassle of missing work to take care of the ticket.

Some attorneys charge as much as $600 to handle traffic tickets. When factored over 5 years of paying high insurance costs, or the potential loss of a license, even that cost represents a respectable value.

But to shell out $600 while still likely paying a fine of some sort is a lot of money. It can be done for less, and I do it for less. I’ve come up with a standard pricing structure to handle tickets that allows you to have the advantages of a licensed attorney, without having to pay an exorbitant fee to get them.

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